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Periscope Is Ushering in the Coming Content Renaissance

In the quest for brand ubiquity, the goal for marketers is no longer to be everywhere at once, but rather to set up camp on the channels in which your message can achieve the best amplification, establish brand identity and connect with your target audience. Every channel has its own mechanics, inner logic and unique […]

Legal Services Marketing Is Stuck in the 1990s

The legal services sector is estimated to have an annual worth of $250 to $400 billion in the U.S. alone. Globally, that figure is closer to $800 billion. From the outside looking in over the last 20 years, international law firms have been impressively innovative and are obviously willing to take risks—except when it comes […]

How Successful Brands are Monetizing Social Media

Ask a marketer in any industry where he thinks that he is investing the most time and money, and you’ll likely hear “social media” without hesitation. Over the last several years, brands have increasingly turned to Facebook and Twitter to engage consumers in “conversation” and to build “relationships.” According to reports by Gartner, 41% of […]

The Value of Social Currency

Wrapping up my series of posts on the “secrets” that I attribute to my success in marketing, here’s the third installment: 3. It’s All Math. “Social currency” is a relatively common concept in marketing and business these days, but I think about the concept in mathematical terms. Social currency refers to the pull or influence […]

Plotting a Course for Social Business

In many organizations, a gap exists between aspiration and implementation when it comes to social media marketing, or what a marketing team wants to do in social versus what present organizational infrastructure is set up to support. A recent study by IBM found that 94% of CMOs believe that advanced analytics will help them achieve […]

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