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7 Tips for Effective Presentations

I am amazed that with all of the education, training and development available to marketers, we aren’t a better group of presenters. Of course, not everyone can be charismatic, dynamic and mesmerizing as a presenter. Conversely, there’s no presenter who follows certain fundamental rules of effective presentations who can’t make a successful presentation. No excuses. […]

Marketing’s Power

If you want to know what the power of inspired marketing means for an enterprise, look no further than the September issue of the Journal of Marketing. In the study “Marketing Department Power and Firm Performance,” authors Hui Feng, Neil A. Morgan and Lopo L. Rego establish a definitive means for measuring the relative power of […]

The Power of an Experience-Driven Brand

I have had the privilege of spending time with J.P. Kuehlwein, executive vice president of Frédéric Fekkai, to discuss his views about what’s next in the domain of brand management. After reading Rethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands, the book that he co-authored with Wolfgang Schaefer, global chief strategy officer at ad agency SelectNY, and after […]

Marketing and the Rise of Individualism

For 75 years, marketers have been accustomed to generational cohesion. The Greatest Generation was glued together by their common fight against world tyranny in WWII. Baby boomers were joined by peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll. For a while, it looked like there might again be certain transcendent values that would cleave to the next […]

The New Privacy Rules

The “Sony Hack” is not just a clarion call for increased cyber-security. I believe it to be a transcendent inflection point that will elevate a number of important philosophical issues for our society. The breach surely is a sobering reminder that there are few safe places for private discourse in our “always on”, “everything is […]

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