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First-Class Field Service: Your Brand’s Secret Weapon

Many of us have been frustrated by interactions with customer service representatives, and all too often, that experience continues to weigh heavily on our perception of a company’s brand long after the service call is complete. This reality has led many CMOs to regard their field service organization (FSO) among the most crucial brand representatives, […]

Structuring for Success

Getting closer to the customer is the goal of every business these days. Today’s social networked, device-driven, always-on world makes it possible for companies to know more about customers and be in better touch with them than ever before. The problem is that most companies face big stumbling blocks that keep them from doing just […]

Beyond CRM: Supercharging Adoption and Transforming the Sales Function

We all understand the importance of CRM, but few of us exploit its power. Used innovatively, CRM can be a springboard to business transformation. It can become a platform that helps you uncover new markets, guides how you engage with customers based on real-time data, and shapes how you organize operations to be more collaborative […]

Can the CIO-CMO Marriage Be Saved?

Everyone loves to talk about CIO/CMO alignment, about how these two executives are joined at the hip and working closely to create a digital strategy that delivers great customer experiences. But the reality is that this alignment is still very much a work in progress. Only about half of business leaders who responded to PwC’s […]

The Right Ingredients for a Superior Customer Experience

Customers gravitate to brands that they can trust for good value, great quality and an ideal experience. The environment is ripe for disruptors that can demonstrate—through actions, not words—an insatiable focus on the customer, so ask yourself, Does our brand experience attract customers and earn their loyalty? The challenge for most marketers is that there’s […]

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