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How Storytelling Helps Brands Put Consumers First

Brands such as Google, Apple and Nike are centering brand experiences around the consumer first versus channel first. The traditional brand approach has been about giving the brand different ways to broadcast campaign messages. However, the digital transformation is changing all that. It’s about consistently telling a unique story and engaging with an audience who […]

How to Stengthen Your Brand Visibility

It is time to face the facts: The success of most service-driven businesses, especially restaurants and hotels, have long been affected by online review sites. Recently, though, their efficacy has started creeping into other industries, as well. So much so that everyone from real estate agents to contractors to babysitters have become susceptible to the […]

Creating a Sensory Brand Experience

In order to win, brands must reimagine the customer experience by making it all immersive. When all the senses are engaged—smell, sight, sound—a brand stands apart from the average. After all, improving customer experience is one of the most effective ways to build a brand and drive business results. When customers are happy, they tell […]

Building a Global Brand

All across the U.S., companies big and small are looking to tap into global audiences as a way to expand and grow. Emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico offer lucrative opportunities for brands to expand globally—so much so that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently wooed Chinese audiences by speaking Mandarin. As more […]

The ‘Spokesbaby’ Strategy

In a world in which consumers constantly are faced with complexity, it should come as no surprise that simplicity sells, so brand managers and agencies often are challenged with how to sell new product categories that consumers are unfamiliar with. For example, new pieces of technology that need to be demonstrated, niche products that are […]

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