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The Biggest Lie in Marketing

A friend recently commented on the hubbub around the Apple Watch (and the wearables category, in general), noting that most of the data provided by these devices is actually useless. Sure, we’re all counting steps and strides and hours slept, but we’re not really doing anything about it. And as our culture becomes more obsessed […]

Spotty Analytics Usage in the Era of Data-Driven Business

Analytics might be a term on the tip of every marketer’s tongue these days, but results from the February 2015 CMO Survey make it clear that using marketing analytics remains a challenge for companies and, in fact, analytics usage appears to be infrequent. The CMO Survey, conducted by Duke University in partnership with the AMA, […]

Prepare for the ‘Engagement Journey’

I have been a marketer and a brand executive for the balance of my career, and I cannot recall a more challenging or rewarding time to be a marketer, whether as a CMO or a chief customer officer, or as a practitioner whose role is evolving at the speed of light. Marketers love a challenge. […]

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