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Pricing Power: A Brand’s Most Valuable but Under-Valued Asset

Having spent some time observing the rise and fall of brands across many different categories and countries, I have come to the conclusion that brands fail not because they lose market share, but because they lose pricing power. Through the company’s own inaction or competitive action, the brand fails to command any price premium—and once […]

Marketing’s Power

If you want to know what the power of inspired marketing means for an enterprise, look no further than the September issue of the Journal of Marketing. In the study “Marketing Department Power and Firm Performance,” authors Hui Feng, Neil A. Morgan and Lopo L. Rego establish a definitive means for measuring the relative power of […]

Driving Revenue Through Relevance

Oracle’s recent acquisition of Maxymiser is a very smart move as it continues to build out its marketing cloud to compete with the likes of Adobe and Salesforce. Just as significant, this is part of its broader strategy to assemble the tools required to optimize the customer journey as the battle to influence buying decisions […]

The Value of Marketing to Consumers’ Instincts

A good friend of mine, Lloyd Glen, says, “I like choices that make themselves.” This is a keen insight into human nature. While we are often loath to admit it at a conscious level, our instincts consistently guide us to the easiest choice. If there is a path that allows us to cut a corner, […]

Customer Centricity: The Core of 21st-Century Business Growth

We live in an exciting time of unprecedented technological and knowledge advancement. Only 20 years ago (this was pre-Google), data was at the ultimate premium. Accurate, reliable information was highly coveted and had the potential to make huge impacts on business decision making and strategy at all levels and across industry. Today, information is a […]

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