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Marketers Take Note: Messaging is the New Medium for Consumers

The five most popular messaging apps alone are used by about 3.5 billion people, which is half of the world’s population. Messaging use recently surpassed social media use. An App Annie report indicates that messaging apps result in more sessions per user than any other type of app, by far. Not to mention, millennials use […]

Why Connected Cars Matter to Marketers

The “connected car” is a widely discussed and buzzworthy topic–however, it also happens to be a widely misunderstood and undefined topic. Ask one person, and his definition of connected car might reference headline-grabbing stories about Google’s self-driving vehicles. Ask another person, and her definition might reference playing music from Pandora on her car stereo. And […]

Periscope Is Ushering in the Coming Content Renaissance

In the quest for brand ubiquity, the goal for marketers is no longer to be everywhere at once, but rather to set up camp on the channels in which your message can achieve the best amplification, establish brand identity and connect with your target audience. Every channel has its own mechanics, inner logic and unique […]

Marketing Lessons From March Madness

My name is Dave Rosenberg, and I have a problem: I am addicted to the game of basketball. I played on organized teams from grammar school through college, but when my cross-over dribble wouldn’t cross and no one looked at my “no look” pass, I began to coach—first my daughter (even though she didn’t inherit […]

Strategic Thinking for the Mobile Mind Shift

When it comes to how companies and customers interact, we’re in the midst of the most profound change in decades. It’s the mobile mind shift: the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context in my moment of need. Want proof? There are already more than 1 billion smartphones and more […]

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