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Market Intelligence Is Evolving. Are You Ready?

A director of market intelligence at a Fortune 50 company called me last week. He wanted my advice about how to recharge the competitive intelligence process in his company. I have been getting more calls like that in the last six months than in the last decade. It seems that competition has intensified for many […]

Tell Us How You Really Feel

Demographic and behavioral analytics traditionally have served as the foundation for delivering personalized, simplified customer experiences that satisfy consumers’ unique needs across multiple channels. These data sources have unlocked a trove of actionable insights into consumer interests, location and brand affinity, allowing marketers—and retailers, in particular—to better personalize the shopping experience to drive engagement and […]

The Biggest Lie in Marketing

A friend recently commented on the hubbub around the Apple Watch (and the wearables category, in general), noting that most of the data provided by these devices is actually useless. Sure, we’re all counting steps and strides and hours slept, but we’re not really doing anything about it. And as our culture becomes more obsessed […]

How to Ensure That Creativity Results in Conversion

When is a running shoe a piece of digital technology? That’s when the sports giant, Nike, embeds sensors in running shoes and wearable devices to enhance the customer experience, in this case helping athletes train more effectively with data. In essence, Nike combines its decades-built experience of athletes with data to deliver more to its […]

Spotty Analytics Usage in the Era of Data-Driven Business

Analytics might be a term on the tip of every marketer’s tongue these days, but results from the February 2015 CMO Survey make it clear that using marketing analytics remains a challenge for companies and, in fact, analytics usage appears to be infrequent. The CMO Survey, conducted by Duke University in partnership with the AMA, […]

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