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Is Our Love/Hate Relationship with Technology Changing?

It’s perennial. Corporate insights professionals worry that they face a diminished role—if not outright elimination as a team—driven in part by new technology. It’s reflected in annual barometers of the market insights business on whether and why professionals feel they do not have a seat at the table among leadership teams: 62% of respondents report […]

Big Data Myths Debunked

For all the focus on Big Data and its opportunities, most marketers are far from realizing its potential. Here’s a dirty little secret: Marketing professionals are still plagued by bad information and an inability to use data to its full advantage. They’re struggling to create an omni-channel, personalized strategy that improves sales and profitability. In […]

Ad Blocking: The Path We Have Chosen

Everyone is buzzing right now about ad-blocking technology. Apple is inserting it into the next version of iOS. The Washington Post is blocking ad blockers. Industry pundits are calling it a monumental shift and a huge opportunity. I am assuming that it’s only a matter of days before the presidential candidates weigh in with their […]

Customer Centricity: The Core of 21st-Century Business Growth

We live in an exciting time of unprecedented technological and knowledge advancement. Only 20 years ago (this was pre-Google), data was at the ultimate premium. Accurate, reliable information was highly coveted and had the potential to make huge impacts on business decision making and strategy at all levels and across industry. Today, information is a […]

5 Ways That Concept Testing Data Informs Marketing Messaging

When it comes to concept testing, I’d argue that the most valuable insight is purchase intent, which explores whether a customer will move beyond simply thinking that a proposed product is a good idea to actually making a purchase. Concept testing also gathers several pieces of critical data about prospective products that brands can use […]

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