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The intelligence communities on both sides of the Atlantic (and probably the Pacific, too) are reeling about their problems with TMI: too much information. Major accusations have been levied regarding the inappropriateness and, according to political opponents and some powerful courts, possibly even illegality of global data collection efforts. Going far beyond the Edward Snowden […]

Building a Global Brand

All across the U.S., companies big and small are looking to tap into global audiences as a way to expand and grow. Emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico offer lucrative opportunities for brands to expand globally—so much so that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently wooed Chinese audiences by speaking Mandarin. As more […]

Performance Marketing Knows No Bounds

With a 16% growth rate that outpaces display advertising and digital marketing spend category growth rates, performance marketing—in which an advertiser pays based on actions derived from an ad, such as generating click-throughs or sales leads—is one of the fastest-growing online marketing channels. Forrester Research estimated that the channel would grow to $4 billion by the […]

The New Privacy Rules

The “Sony Hack” is not just a clarion call for increased cyber-security. I believe it to be a transcendent inflection point that will elevate a number of important philosophical issues for our society. The breach surely is a sobering reminder that there are few safe places for private discourse in our “always on”, “everything is […]

Don’t Let the Buzz About Brand Experience Cloud Your Brand Idea

Is traditional branding dying? Is the “big brand idea” a relic of our traditional past? Conventional broadcast advertising (radio, print and television) is useful for verbally and visually communicating brand and product benefits, but in an era of consumer empowerment, top-down messaging—or the passive embrace of manufacturers’ wisdom—is no longer enough. Brands need to build […]

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