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From Persona to Personal: the Potential of the Customer Experience

Each passing generation of marketers has been chasing the same carrot: how to communicate directly with each customer in a personal way. In other words, how can a company deliver personalized and relevant experiences as well as information that will alter the behavior of their customers to benefit both parties? The closest we’ve come to […]

Marketers Take Note: Messaging is the New Medium for Consumers

The five most popular messaging apps alone are used by about 3.5 billion people, which is half of the world’s population. Messaging use recently surpassed social media use. An App Annie report indicates that messaging apps result in more sessions per user than any other type of app, by far. Not to mention, millennials use […]

Understanding the Unlikely Chemistry Between Millennials and Print

Millennials are widely considered the first generation who grew up with the internet, which makes them unique in the way they engage with technology and the world around them. Researchers and marketers are only beginning to grapple with this reality, and many predictions they’ve made about this generation and the future of “analog” products have […]

The Opportunity Cost of Premium WordPress Themes

This post is the third in a series on website and digital publishing best practices from The Marcom Group’s Dave Plivelich. Read the first post here and second post here. When companies of almost any size consider building a new website, they are often tempted to use a less expensive or “quicker” solution like a […]

Do Good, Better

Over the past few years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a buzzword among brands—companies want consumers to know that, in both big and small ways, they are giving back to the community. Millennials are increasingly interested in CSR efforts, and brands are responding in kind. More and more studies show that people not only […]

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