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Four Ways to Avoid Website Disasters and Ensure Project Success

This post is the second in a series on website and digital publishing best practices from The Marcom Group’s Dave Plivelich. Read the first post here and the third post here. How many times have you clicked on a website, only to experience glaring errors right away? It happens more often than you think, and this […]

Five Tips for a Better Website Design Experience

This post is the first in a series on website and digital publishing best practices from The Marcom Group’s Dave Plivelich. Read the second and third posts. Have you built or rebuilt your website recently? If the experience was positive, it’s likely that the project started with an excellent design goal, the goal was achieved […]

Big Data Myths Debunked

For all the focus on Big Data and its opportunities, most marketers are far from realizing its potential. Here’s a dirty little secret: Marketing professionals are still plagued by bad information and an inability to use data to its full advantage. They’re struggling to create an omni-channel, personalized strategy that improves sales and profitability. In […]

Marketing in the Era of Programmatic Consumption

We call them contextual apps, but they’re much more. They’re the first iteration of the future, here today, of programmatic consumption in which algorithms will automate consumers’ decision-making. Instead of buying on the basis of their own evaluations and heuristics, consumers are using technology to do that for them. This offloads the costs of time […]

How Marketing Technology Can Help Bridge the Sales/Marketing Divide

According to Marketo, 71% of CEOs at large companies say that they don’t see the payoff from CMOs’ technology investments. This means that while marketing technology may, indeed, deliver a worthwhile ROI, that return isn’t obvious to everyone in the C-suite. But this obviously isn’t the only pressure that CMOs face. The combination of increasing […]

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